You Need To Know This Excellent Economical Filter Media

Poly Cotton air filter material can be combined with various supporting materials and Cotton Meshing Filter Media applied to Pre Filtration.

Introduction of the Emix Filtration Founder

This is Cindy Zhang from Emix Filtration Company as founder and sales manager. After more than 6 years in this field, I would like to expand more service supplying models. So I decide to create an independent organization to provide more range of filter products and all kinds of trading services. That is Emix Filtration.

What are the HEPA filter maintenance standard?

During the packaging, transportation, installation and use of HEPA air filters, they must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

4 Principles of Air Filtration

Nowadays, whether the mining minerals or industrial development, it causes a lot of air quality problems. Almost each city faces the air pollution problem. People’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger. Therefore, air filters are becoming more and more indispensable in people’s lives. However what is the principle of air filters to remove the harmful particles? The following four are the most basic filtering principles:

Production Process of Polyester Filter Media

Polyester Filter Media is produced by the following processes, opening, mixing, combing and evenly forming a net, then hot-melting, cooling and forming, and finally cutting into pieces or rolling. If the customer needs, the material can be glued or combined with cloth and net, and finally dried and shaped.

Method of Installing F7 Pocket Filters in Central Air Conditioner

F7 pocket filter is made of F7 grade synthetic non-woven fabric or fiberglass fabric. It has large air volume, low resistance, high dust holding capacity and can be used repeatedly for cleaning and cost saving.

Quickly Known the Engine Air Filters

The engine needs to suck in a large amount of air during the working process. If the air is not filtered, the dust suspended in the air is sucked into the cylinder, which will accelerate the wear of the piston group and the cylinder.

The ISO:16890 standard has replaced EN779 in 2018

ISO:16890 was introduced to the International Organization for Standardization as a new filtration standard for the testing and grading of general ventilation filters, standard number ISO:16980. The standard was voted 100% in 2016 by all countries worldwide. The EN:779 standard to evaluate air filters has been a thing of the past.