Introduction of the Emix Filtration Founder

Introduction of the Emix Filtration Founder

This is Cindy Zhang from Emix Filtration Company as founder and sales manager. Last job career is the marketing and sales manager in Handanhy, which was incorporated in 1989 and first established as a manufacturer of Air Filter Media.

After more than 6 years in this field, I would like to expand more service supplying models. So I decide to create an independent organization to provide more range of filter products and all kinds of trading services. That is Emix Filtration.
Frankly, Emix is young, but we want to try our best to grow up in the future. So we are so happy to know the specialist and talk with you directly here.

What Emix offers:
A complete range of air filter media in these categories:

Also semi-finished filters:

■Start-to-finish air filter production guidance & Instruction
■One-on-one free project feasibility consultation
■Air Filtration business related sourcing and purchasing

I help clients to update his or her Air Filter business, and find solutions to best fit their unique identity.
If you are a start-up or a green hand on Air Filter business, this may be the most important website you have ever read.

Whatsapp me or call me via +86 15319796186
Skype/Wechat : 15319796186
Email : cindy at
Company web:

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