Spray Booth Ceiling Filter

Spray Booth Ceiling Filters are a silicon-free synthetic media to grade F5 to EN779 which is backed with a fiberglass or synthetic nonwoven layer.  These spray booth filters are usually positioned in the ceiling of car spray booths where supply air is being pushed into the booth above the vehicle.  The medium grade of air filter and the backing minimise the risk of fiber releasing and the stiffness.


  • These fine filters are particularly suited as a final ceiling filter for paint spray booth enclosures, drying rooms etc.
  • Constructed from thermally bonded polyester fibres, impregnated with an in-depth adhesive ‘Tackifier’ to enhance dust holding capacity to hold dust particles, so preventing dust ‘by-pass’ due to vibration.
  • All input media is reinforced with a polyester or fiberglass scrim on the air exit face to increase stability and to afford a high level of mechanical structure to the filter media to assist with correct installation and reliability in use.
  • Available in any cut-pad size, as required, and in rolls up to 2m wide.

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