Pocket Filter Media – Synthetic

We offer pocket filter media in a variety of material which range from 100% synthetic to fiberglass fabric. Selecting the right filter material is the key to achieving good results. When choosing a filter material you must consider cost, particle size, operating temperature, and chemical resistance.

Below is a list of available materials and their specifications to help you decide.

Please contact us if you still have questions or would like assistance selecting the best material for your application.


  • Available in grades F5-F9
  • Flexible, roll, pocket
  • Used for manufacturing pocket filters
  • Available in synthetic and fiberglass options (Click to check)

A/B Series – Standard type

The filters are made of meltblown and spunbond polypropylene nonwoven with a progressive design. The multiply layers make a 3D structure and a gradient filtration.

D Series – Low resistance type

It is a modern filter medium made of low resistance synthetic fibres, facilitating the production of bag filters with a long useful life at optimum pressure losses and low energy costs.

HL Series – High dust holding type

HL Pocket filter media is specially designed to collect high volume dust in order to achieve extremely high absorption. The filter is made of new synthetic filtration medium, which uses progressive fiber compaction and enables the absorption and efficient storing of dust participles during the whole service life of the filter. Optimized and robust construction of the filter ensures low pressure loss during the whole filter implementation.

Pocket Sewing Service:

Emix Filtration offer the pocket filter sewing service. Each pocket is ultrasonically welded with 6 rows of internal spacers to allow the pocket inflate and provide an even airflow distribution, resulting in full utilisation of the air filter as well as much reduced initial resistance. Each separator is welded to the top and bottom layers of the media; the result is a strong seal, capable of withstanding high pressures.

Regular Materials (Click to Download the Data):

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