Polypropylene Filter Media

Polypropylene is used in a variety of air filter applications. Polypropylene-based filters, either pleated flat sheet or melt-blown, are some of the most commonly used filter materials for air filtration usages.

Emix is a supplier of meltblown polypropylene filter media for respirators, facemasks, cabin air filters and industrial and residential HVAC systems. Our exclusive meltblown technology allows us to produce a diverse range of filter media with fine and coarse microfibers, making it the definitive choice for producing air filters for medium and fine filtration. The texture of the meltblown fibre makes it is an exemplary media for processing by sewing, ultrasonic welding and pleating.

Emix meltblown media is created on the most advanced meltblown equipment available. The processing techniques give Emix media increased dust holding capacity, which reduces required operating pressure and lengthens filter life.

Polypropylene is a petroleum industry by-product which has impressive strength and is very resistant to abrasion. Excellent resistance to most acids and alkalies. Good resistance to bleaches, solvents, aging, indirect sunlight and abrasion. Not attacked by mildew, this media will not disintegrate, unlike other air filter medias.

Our nonwovens easily laminate to other materials and pleat, providing precise uniformity and breathability for applications with strict requirements.

Two types of melt blown polypropylene are available for your selection, which is the common type (PP Series) and low resistance type (PD Series).

In addition, Emix Filtration offers a range of needle punched technologies based on polypropylene media, that is JDM series Electrostatic Filter Media. We also list its specifications at the end of this page.

PP Series:

Emix common meltblown polypropylene media provides high efficiency and dust-holding while minimizing airflow resistance.

This media is electrostatically enhanced and available in efficiencies from F5 to Y11. It is mainly engineered for pleated filter or pocket filter designs after processing .

PD Series:

Double charged technology is used to this meltblown filter media, which increase the charged particles on the fibers.

Emix PD Filter Media can be an ideal choice to achieve the lower resistance without losing the efficiency of the filter. The low initial resistance can also contribute to an overall strategy of reducing energy consumption. It is suitable for laminating to other materials for using in air conditioner, cabin air filters and HAVC.


  • 100% superior polypropylene
  • non toxic
  • odourless
  • 50% lower initial pressure than ordinary type
  • increase the air cycle frequency
  • High CADR values
PD-6522 ± 13 ± 165
PD-8022 ± 15 ± 180
PD-9022 ± 16 ± 190
PD-9525 ± 18.5 ± 195
PD-9825 ± 111 ± 298
PD-99530 ± 117 ± 299.5
PD-99940 ± 225 ± 299.9

JDM Series – Electrostatic Filter Media:

Electrostatic Filter Media is made of modified polypropylene fiber. After needle punched and corona charged processing, the fiber absorb the dust particles.

The electrostatic filter media has exceptional performance and effective cost.

JDM series not only has the features of general needle punched fabric, but also enhance the efficiency, dust holding, and longer life time with lower resistance.

It is suitable for using in air conditioner, air purifiers, respirators or laminating with melt blown fabric, spun bond fabric, active carbon and some supported media.


  • Electrostatic adsorption improve the efficiency
  • 3D structure and fluffy material reduce the resistance
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Easily blending active carbon particle
  • Suitable for Laminated Filter Media with other fabrics

Test Method: TSI 8130 NaCl, 0.3um@32 L/min, 100cm2

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