Synthetic Support Material

Synthetic Support Material is a polypropylene air filter media containing fibers randomly dispersed in all directions through a wet laid web to form a uniform media of high strength and durability. Weight varies from 25 g/sqm up to 140 g/sqm.

The support of 8000 Series provides adequate strength while not significantly reducing the flow of the fluid to be filtered, which is the preferred material for HEPA filter media.

And 7000 Series support media is as coarse filter media with less than 180um pore size. Suitable for directly being pre filter media or be impregnated with a finely activated carbon.


  • 100% polypropylene
  • Non toxic and Odorless
  • Disposable
  • A high volume of contaminants can be trapped within the complete depth of fiber.
  • Assured media integrity even under dynamic flow
  • Low initial pressure and high efficiency
  • Uniform color appearance for easy identification
  • Bag type is available upon request
  • Materials laminate for contraction, co-expansion, and flex

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